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Fall and Winter 2020-2021 Youth Ministry Schedule

    Sunday Night Bible Study and Youth Group:

Sunday night from 6-8 pm we will explore Tedtalks, I am Second videos, have discussions on Scriptures that involve hot topics in today's world, etc. from 6-7 pm, then from 7:05-8 pm, we will play online games together. Our theme this September is finding ways to lift the voices who have been quieted in our society.  Zoom code

  Fourth Wednesday Youth Ministry Fellowship Events

Our Monthly Fourth Wednesday Youth Ministry Fellowship Events are extra special. They are held the fourth Wednesday of the month  from 6-8pm.  We do ask that you sign up for them so we make the appropriate preparations.

One last Wednesday night fellowship will be the fourth Wednesday of December from 6-8 pm. It requires signing-up 2 weeks in advance so I can get all of the materials needed.

Wednesday, December, 23

Virtual Christmas FAMILY CHOPPED Competition  (sign-up required). Zoom Code   


Every Wednesday and Sunday our confirmation classes are meeting to explore what faith means to them and discern if they are ready to follow Jesus' lifestyle of bringing hope and love in this world and join the church.  Although we are in the middle of a pandemic, our youth will still be able to explore the beautiful intricacies of our faith, and why we as Presbyterians believe the way we do.  At the end of Confirmation youth will be able to put language to their faith, and prepare a faith statement before they join the church. 

Wednesday group zoom code

Sunday group zoom code

 Cocoa with Sarah (in-person meet-ups):

Do you enjoy the fall weather, hot cocoa, and group/board games? If so I would love to meet up for a wonderful morning /afternoon on your back porch or under a pavilion at a local park for a time of socially distanced fun.  Although, we will have masks on, being in person is a much better experience than being on zoom. If you would like to sign-up for 'Cocoa with Sarah' (And yes I will bring you Amish frothed hot cocoa and yummy snacks that pair well with hot cocoa) click the link below. I would especially love to meet all 6th graders and Confirmands. So sign-up today!

Youth News


The YouthNews is a publication that is published three times a year and provides information about all of the youth ministry events happening during that season.  We encourage you to print it off, or stop by church and pick on up, and hang it next to your calendar.

YouthNews 2019

Spring Semester, Summer SemesterFall Semester


YouthNews 2020

Spring Semester

Upcoming Events

Have you gotten the most recent YouthNews in your email?  If not, click here to read our most recent edition of the Youth News.  In it you will find more details of our upcoming events, and learn more about our youth ministry here at Wayne Presbyterian.  If you would like to be added to our email list, please email Andrew at ahostetter@waynepres.org.  You can also check out our Church calendar page to see upcoming events and RSVP for them: Calendar.

For our brochures, please click here: Forms  

Forms for Youth

Thank you for coming to our website to RSVP for one of our events.

Our October event will be on Wednesday October 28:

International Monster Hunter (Sign-up below) is a game of puzzles, wits, discovery and surprise. Your team takes the role of investigating sleuths: following clues, answering trivia and working together to track and trap monsters and strange creatures from all over the world. The peculiar beasts may include the Loch Ness Monster, Bunyip, Chupacabra and Ebu Gogo. This experience is built to be international, and covers all the continents, even the cold ones.

Winter Trips

Winter Youth Blitz - Jan 20, 8:45am-6pm

Learn more, click here

Youth Choir - Sandy Cove MD, Jan 24 - 26

Learn More, click here

Registration, click here

Summer Trips

Summer Youth Trips 2020

We have several awesome trips this summer for our youth! 

Reserve your spot today by either bringing a check to Andrew or Sarah (made out to Wayne Presbyterian Church), or by paying online here.

To learn more about any of these trips, please check out the above links to their info page, or you check out our summer trip powerpoint that includes some videos as well!  

Please reach out to Andrew should you have any questions, want to be an adult leader on one of our summer trips, or desire a scholarship.

Youth Payments

WPC Parents

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Youth Ministry at Wayne


Sunday School 

Sunday school is a place where your youth can deepen their understanding of God by learning more about scripture, and God's blessings.  This begins September 10.

6th and 7th will meet Sundays at 9:30am in room 203. 

8th graders have Confirmation on Sundays at 9:30am in the Wayne Senior Center (by the train station).

High School will meet Sundays in the Gryphon's Upper Room.

Summers: youth worship with their families 


Youth Group

Our youth groups for our middle school youth and our high school youth is a little more high energy than Sunday School.  On Sunday nights fom 6-8pm we gather in rooms 208/209 to hang out with our friends, eat, play games, and talk about how faith and the world around us meet.  Some nights we also worship, or participate in service, or just play games all night.  Hold onto your socks, because you never do know what you are getting yourself into each week you come to youth group!

Youth Ministry Kickoff Party is September 8 from 6-8pm, and all youth and their families are invited!   

Confirmation - Starting in the Fall

If you are in 8th grade or have not been confirmed, this is a place for you to enter into deeper thought and understanding about the Presbyterian Church and what you believe.  This class will meet in the Senior Center on Sundays at 9:30am.  Parents, come to our brief information session on September 8 at 10:40am at the Senior Center.

Youth Choir

Do you enjoy singing with friends or singing in chorus at school?  If so we have the place for you.  Come join youth choir, all youth are invited on Sunday nights just before youth group at 5pm.  The first practice is September 8.  If you have questions or are interested in getting your youth signed up contact Tim Evers: tevers@waynepres.org.  You can also check out their webpage HERE.  


High schoolers, starting September 24 from 6-7:30pm we will be hanging out at the Hostetters' house every Tuesday.  What will we be doing?  Some baking, playing video games, watching movies, catching up on life over coffee or tea, cracking up over a game of fishbowl, cooking hot dogs over bonfires... really just enjoying life together.  Contact Sarah to learn more and to get directions to our house: shostetter@waynepres.org.  All high schoolers are welcome!

Youth Worship Leadership Team

Starting later this fall, a group of youth will be teaming up to help lead worship each sunday in the 11am service.  They will learn how to write prayers and liturgy, and will be supported as they help lead worship.  Contact Andrew to learn more: ahostetter@waynepres.org.


Love Your Neighbor Team

Also starting later this fall is a group that will be working with Sarah and the Mission Committee to plan and lead church wide days of service (called Love Your Neighbor).  The first Love Your Neighbor service day is November 30th from 9am-1pm and is open to people of all ages.  To join Sarah is helping to plan these events, please contact her: shostetter@waynepres.org.

For a description of why we do what we do, check out our 2019-2020 youth ministry pamphlet: Youth Ministry Pamphlet 2019-2020.